Special Risks


The Special Risks Team provides and delivers solutions for its clients by creating and supplying tailor-made insurance products for clients in predominantly catastrophe-exposed areas in the Americas (North, Central, South and the Carribean) but also throughout the world.

In partnership with Insurers and Re-insurers we have developed specialised insurance products for hard-to-place accounts and acquired numerous specific Underwriting Facilities, Binding Authorities and In-House Facilities for a variety of classes. We have contracts in place Lloyd's allowing us to consider an array of diverse and unique risks, along with providing a solid market for surplus lines business.


Coverage Placed

• Binding Authorities and/or Lineslips for Property, General Liability, Professional Liability (D&0/E&O), Sabotage and Terrorism,     Bloodstock and Livestock

The Special Risks Division handles an array of coverages including but not limited to:

• All forms of Catastrophe coverage for Property Risks

• General Property Insurance

• Business Interruption including Contingent Business Interruption

• Worldwide Sabotage and Terrorism /Political Violence

• Professional Liability (D&O / E&O)

• General Liability, including for claims brought in the USA /Canada

• Medical Malpractice

• Bloodstock/Livestock

• Deductible Buy Back Insurance

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