Non-Marine and Energy


Casualty & Miscellaneous Accident

Our Casualty& Miscellaneous Accident Team has access, not only to Lloyd'sand the company's market in London, but also to the international markets in cooperation with our network of overseas offices appropriate. We provide bespoke programmes according to our clents' individual needs.



Our casualty division specialises In public and products liability for all manufacturing industries, service and utility companies and the energy sector. We also provide coverage for construction projects where we work closely with our construction division.

Whilst sudden and accidental pollution is a standard cover under our liability programmes, we also have access to markets specialising In environmental Impairment products which include damage and Injury to third parties arising out of gradual pollution and the cost of meeting demands from environmental agencies to effect clean up on first and third party property. This is a rapidly evolving area In our 'green' society and one on which we follow developments closely.

We also handle products guarantee and recall programmes, especially for the automotive parts in industry although we can also negotiate for other trades.


Miscellaneous Accident

Our experience in non-liability classes is also extensive and diverse. Whilst we are interested and enthusiastic to develop innovative solutions for 'new' exposure, arise in our constantly developing and expanding global business. We specialise in many other areas, to name a few:

• Group personal accident and sickness cover for a wide range of activities Including professional sportsmen.

• Travel cover can also be included.

• Medical expense covers for company employees and their families. We arrange cover which includes 24/7 multi-lingual assistance.

• All risks cover for fine art collections and other specialist and unique objects.

• Various 'contingency' market risks Including cancellation and abandonment and prize



Energy - Downstream

The Downstream EnergyTeam has considerable experience In dealing with risks located all over the globe, but recognising also that politically sensitive and often difficult territories are accelerating their investment in the energy sector, we have, in turn, developed further expertise to handle risks from these areas. The Downstream Energy Team is well positioned to provide comprehensive banking and consultancy services through placing a multitude of risks. 

The Downstream Energy team provides operating risk programmes for the following:

• Refineries/Hydrocarbon process facilities                                               

• Petrochemical plants

• Pipelines                                                                               

• Storage Facilities/Terminals

• Power and Utility plants                                                                

• Hydroelectric risks


The coverages we provide include (but are not limited to):

• Fire andPerils                                                                          

• All Risks Property Insurance

• Sabotage and Terrorism                                                                  

• Machinery Breakdown /Electrical Breakdown

• Business Interruption/Contingent Business Interruption


Our specialist Energy Brokers are backed up by very experienced technical staff and the specialists from 

our Claims Division.

We provide an integrated service in the most cost-effective way for our clients.


Energy - Upstream

The Upstream Energy Team handles all Offshore Energy Busisness (eg. exploration, production and transportation of oil & gas).

Insurance classes provided:

• Operating Risks (Exploration & Production Insurance for Oil & Gas)

• Construction Risks                                                                                

• Control of Well   

• Liabilities


Types of coverage provided include:

• Physical Damage to Onshore/Offshore drilling units

• Control of Well Underground Blowout/Redrill/Seepage & Pollution

• Liabilities (First & Third Party Damages)

• Business Interruption

• Down-the-hole Equipment

• Construction All Risks (CAR)Platforms/Drlling Rigs /F.P.S.Q./Pipelines/Sub-SeaCompletions


Most the risks handled the Upstream Team are complex and often require physical condition

surveys before theycan be insured. Coverages are often combined into package deals.Therefore, each

insurance package we provide is tailor-made to suit the individual client depending on their appetite

for retention as well as the size and nature of the risk.

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