We offer clients an effective and integrated marine service complete with our in-house marine claims capability dedicated solely to the service of our marine clients.

Marine Cargo:

The cargo team covers all aspects of cargo in transit from international trading houses and major infrastructure projects through to niche activities.

Types of Business Handled:


• Manufacturing companies                                                   

• Trading Houses

• Construction companies                                                    

• Oil companies

• Energy industries                                                         

• Food industries

• Banking sector                                                            

• Logistics companies


Commodities and types of cargo:

• Project Cargo (such as Power Station equipment)                           

• Machinery and Equipment

• Mineral Oil and Refined Products                                          

• Petrochemicals

• Raw Materials                                                              

• Grains

• Perishable Produce                                                        

• Meat and other foodstuffs

• Vehicles                                                                  

• Metals

• Agricultural produce including sugar                                      

• Livestock

• Specie                                                                    

• Fine Art


Types of Coverage Available:

Specifically created to reflect both the industries and our clients' activities covers range from the

broadest form of all risks through to named perils covers when required. General examples are listed



Project Cargo policies Including:

• All Risks coverage for Plant and Machinery in transit

• Advanced Loss of Profits (ALOP)/Delayin Start-Up (DSU)


Oil Cargo Covers Including:

• All Risks exposures                                                                 

• Guaranteed Out turn Cover (GOT)

• Contamination extension


Traders covers for all commodities:

• War on land including Terrorism, Strikes, Riots and Civil Commotion extensions,

Confiscation, Expropriation, Nationalisation and Deprivation.


Tailor-made solutions for the industries and commodities detailed above, as well as

the following:

• Fine Art Risks /Specie                                                               

• Livestock

• Stock throughput                                                                      

• Sub-sea risks

• Car Transport covers


Marine Hull and P&l:

The Hull and Protection & Indemnity (P&l) Team handles a diverse portfolio of Marine Hull,

P&I and other marine related business. Types of Coverage Available.


Marine Hull:

• Hull&Machinery

• Increased Value

• War Risks (including Terrorism)

• Delay In Delivery

• Towage and Voyage Risks

• Sub-sea Equipment

• Mortgagees Interest/Innocent Owners/Lessors Interest

(Including Mortgagees Additional Perils Pollution)

• Port Risks (Including vessels repossessed by the Mortgagee)

• Loss of Hire and Trade Disruption (including Shore and Crew Strikes Cover)

• Builders/Construction Risks (including Conversion Risks)


Protection and Indemnity and other Marine Liability:

• Protection and Indemnity including Freight, Demurrage & Defence (FD&D)

• Charterers Liability (for Time, Voyage, Space and Slot Charters) Including Charterers FD&D

• Certificates of Financial Responsibility (COFR)

• Marine Professional Indemnity

• Marine Products Liability

• Terminal Operators Liability

• Port Authorities Liability

• Stevedores Liability

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